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  • CMS Ready Reckoner

    CMS Ready Reckoner (13/2/2017) is now available to download.

    If you have any questions about the Ready Reckoner please email Emma Taylor.

  • Antibiotic Use Survey

    This Healthcare Improvement Scotland survey will help provide feedback for those who helped set up the antibiotic awareness campaign in community pharmacies. Please take some time to fill it out.

  • SWAN WiFi rollout

    As most of you with a direct SWAN connection will have heard by now, NSS is undertaking an upgrade to the network, installing WiFi routers which will allow for secure data transfer via WiFi-enabled devices on these premises. Read more...

  • Operational Logbook February 2017

    The Operational Logbook for February 2017 is now available to download.

  • Closer Partnership Working Activity

    We have created an updated list of Closer Partnership Working examples and ideas.

    We hope this will share best practice and generate ideas for contractors to work with their healthcare partners on.

    Please contact Adam in the policy office with any questions or feedback.

  • Quality Improvement Webinar

    Thanks to NHS Highland and Clare Morrison (Lead Pharmacist, Quality Improvement), we are delighted to be able to share this valuable resource with you to support the recent QI activities. Clare talks us through the subjects of Quality Improvement and the Safety Climate Survey, highlighting how good team engagement can lead to real improvements in patient safety and ways of working.

    Thanks, Clare – Inspiring stuff!

    If you have any questions about QI or Closer Partnership working, get in touch with Adam in the office.

  • Availability of Disulfiram 200mg Tablets

    We have been made aware of difficulties in sourcing a licensed product for disulfiram 200mg tablets and we understand that the difficulties are not expected to be resolved in the very near future.  


  • NES Foundation Vocational Training for Community Pharmacy

    NES are in the early stages of developing a new training programme for the community sector, aimed at recently qualified pharmacists. 


  • Vaccine Supply Issues

    Following several enquiries from our members regarding difficulties in obtaining stock of GSK vaccine lines, we have been in contact with their team and have obtained the following information:


  • Strathclyde 4th Year Research Project

    This year, we are pleased to support two MPharm students carrying out their final year project at the University of Strathclyde. They are exploring the use of various methods employed to ensure continuity of care when patients run out of their medication, and securing responses from practicing community pharmacists is key to moving forward with the study. Could you spare 5 minutes to complete a short survey? Find out more...

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