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Gluten Free Foods Patient and Surveys

The Scottish Government has released a survey for patients and pharmacists to gather views on the Gluten Free Foods Pharmacy Service. Further patient materials will be provided with the next PHS poster delivery. The survey will run until 31 March 2015. A further survey for general practice will follow in April.

CMS Ready Reckoner for Contractors as of 02/03/2015

The CMS Ready Reckoner (02/03/2015) is now available to download.

Operational Logbook March 2015

The CPS Operational Logbook for March 2015 is now available to download.

Supply of Pregabalin

CPS has learned today (18th Feb) that generic pregabalin has entered the supply chain.  Members can refer to the information sheet provided for more information on the issues for pharmacies.

ALISS Search Box

As you will see we have added the ALISS search box to our homepage this week. ALISS is a search and collaboration tool for Health & Wellbeing resources in Scotland Read more...

Vision Issue 32 - February 2015

The latest edition of Vision is available to download. Topics include; Automation of Payments for Instalments, Gluten Free Food Service & Automated Multi-Compartment Compliance Aids.

Download Vision Issue 32

Additions to Parts 7S and 7U from 1st February

CPS has been in talks to add more items to the drug tariff parts 7S and 7U. Download our Additions to Part 7S and 7U document for further details on the items proposed for 1st February, these will be confirmed when the tariff is published on our website.  It will no longer then be necessary to seek authorisation from the NHS board to dispense these items.

Introduction of Automation of Payment for Instalments

From 1st February 2015, PSD will commence automation of payment for electronic instalment dispensed claims. Our key facts document may also assist members understanding of the implications of the change.

Follow Up Courier Service Webcast

This new webcast outlines in further detail the submission procedure.

View webcast

Influenza Vaccine Supply Arrangements 2015-16: Key Facts

This is the key facts document relating to Circular PCA(P)(2014)28 for flu procurement for 2015-16 season.

PCA(P)(2014)27 - Key Facts

We have created a key facts document for the circular PCA(P)(2014)27 (Amendments to Remuneration Arrangements from 1 January 2015) for contractors to reference.

Important:- Remove GP10 Right Hand Side Repeat Information Form Prior to Submitting to P&CFS

P&CFS Scanning Services have noticed an increase in forms submitted for processing with the right hand side counterpart of GP10s still attached. It is highly important that the unused counterpart of the prescription form is removed as part of the dispensing process. Read more...

Courier Service Mailing Webcast

We have created a short webcast on the Courier Service Mailing. The mailing should arrive with you within the next couple of days. It would be great if you could take the time to watch our video to familiarise yourself with the process. 

Watch webcast now

PCR Smoking Cessation Service Survey

Thanks to everyone who responded to our PCR Smoking Cessation Service Survey. The following report has been compiled to give to the Scottish Government.

Stockley’s Interactions Checker and Survey

You can now access a new feature through MedicinesComplete, the Stockley’s Interactions Checker. Read more...

4 Week Data Should Be Submitted For All Patients

The office has received feedback from Health Boards that the number of 4 week data set submissions from the PCR is very low compared with the number of quit dates set. Members are reminded that all patients who access the service should have data submitted for their quit date and their smoking status at 4 weeks post quit. The 4 week data is required for Health Boards to monitor quit rates. There is a £15 fee for submitting data at week 4.

Please see our PCR guide for helpful information.

CPS Restructuring of Remuneration Webcast

To help contractors with the changes to remuneration from 1 April 2014 CEO Harry McQuillan has recorded the presentation delivered at the roadshow events earlier this year. If contractors have any questions regarding the new payments please contact the office via email or by telephone on 0131 467 7766. View the webcast online now.

Free Associate Membership now available

Community Pharmacy Scotland is now offering a FREE Associate Membership to all pharmacists working and living in Scotland. Read more...

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SG Circulars

PCA(P)(2015)5 - Additional Pharmaceutical Services Review of Gluten Free Food Service

Details of online survey questionnaires on the Gluten-free Food Service.

PCA(P)(2015)4 - Amendment to Pt 11: Discount Clawback Scale for Proprietary Drugs

An amendment to the Drug Tariff Part 11 concerning the discount clawback rate to apply in respect of reimbursement of proprietary drugs to contractors.

PCA(P)(2015)3 - Amendment to Drug Tariff

Arrangements in the Scottish Drug Tariff with respect to the discount clawback rate in respect of reimbursement for items listed at Pt 7 for dispensings from 1 March 2015 onwards for non ZD items. 

PCA(P)(2015)2 - Updated Public Health Levonorgestrol PGD

This circular contains the updated PGD to allow supply of Levonorgestrol under the Public Health element of the pharmacy contract.

PCA(P)(2015)1 - Pharmaceutical Services: Amendment to Pt 11: Discount Clawback Scale for Proprietary Drugs.

Amendment to the Drug Tariff Part 11 concerning the discount clawback rate to apply in respect of reimbursement of proprietary drugs to contractors.

PCA(P)(2014)30 - Gluten Free Food Trial Extension

This Circular advises NHS Boards, contractors and other interested parties of a 6 month extension to 30 September 2015 of the Gluten Free Food Additional Pharmaceutical Service.

PCA(P)(2014)29 - Seasonal Influenza Immunisation 2015-16

This circular summarises the vaccine supply arrangements in relation to non-dispensing GP practices.

PCA(P)(2014)28 - Seasonal Influenza Immunisation 2015-16

This circular sets out the arrangements which will apply for remunerating and reimbursing contractors for the supply of seasonal influenza vaccine in 2015-16.

PCA(P)(2014)27 - Amendments to Remuneration Arrangements

This Circular advises of changes with respect to remuneration arrangements for the dispensing quarter January- March 2015, in particular with respect to the introduction of two temporary payments for that period.

A key facts document is available for contractors to reference.

PCA(P)(2014)26 - Pharmacist Assistant Training Grant Funding

This Circular provides details of the financial support being made available for Pharmacist Assistant training for the financial year 2014-15.

PCA(P)(2014)25 - Community Pharmacy Contract: Infrastructure Support - Staff Training

This Circular provides details of the financial support being made available for staff training for the financial year 2014-15.

PCA(P)(2014)24 - Pharmaceutical Services Amendments to Drug Tariff in Respect of Advance Payment Arrangements from 1 December 2014

This Circular advises of changes in the Drug Tariff to advance payment arrangements.

PCA(P)(2014)23 - Additional Pharmaceutical Services Public Health Service Directions 2014

This Circular advises of revisions to Directions in respect of the Smoking Cessation Service available through Community Pharmacy.

PCA(P)(2014)20 - Amendment to Drug Tariff - Discount Claw-back Rate Pt 7 Generic Drugs

This circular advises of the discount claw-back rate in respect of reimbursement for items listed at Pt 7.

PCA(P)(2014)19 - Remuneration Changes from 1st October 2014

Remuneration Changes from 1st October 2014. View our Key Facts Sheet on this circular.

PCA(P)(2014)18 - Pharmaceutical Services: Amendment to Drug Tariff in respect of claim arrangements for PHS and EHS

An updated form is to be used with immediate effect in respect of claims for provision of Public Health Service –Emergency Hormonal Contraception (EHC).

PCA(P)(2014)17 - Pharmaceutical Services: Community Pharmacist Practitioner Champions

This Circular informs of the intention to continue funding for Community Pharmacist Practitioner Champions in 2014-15.

PCA(P)(2014)16 - Community Pharmacist: Supplementary and Independent Prescribing Clinics: Funding for 2014-15

This Circular confirms funding to be made for community pharmacist supplementary and independent prescribing clinics for 2013-14.

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Contractor News

March Drug Tariff Amendments

The following amendments take effect from 1st March 2015.

February 2015 Wallchart

Diary Wall Chart of Payments, Claims and Tasks February 2015 to March 2015.

February 2015 Monthly Mailing

Community Pharmacy Scotland's Monthly Mailing for February 2015.

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