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  • PCA(P)(2016)10 - Gluten Free Foods Scheme Update

    PCA(P)(2016)10 advises that the Gluten Free Food Prescribable Product List to be used in conjunction with the community pharmacy Gluten Free Food Service (GFFS) has been updated.

  • Training Grants Circular

    PCA(P)(2016)(8) explains the financial support available to contractors for staff training in 2016/17.  Each contractor can claim £800 as a contribution towards the cost of putting staff through an eligible training course.

    Funding is available for the following courses

    • Pharmacy Services Level 2 (NVQ/SVQ)
    • Pharmacy Services Level 3 (NVQ/SVQ)
    • Accredited Checking Technician: NPA Accuracy in Dispensing Training Module or equivalent
    • SQA Higher National (HN) unit: Procedures for Pharmacy Dispensary Checking Technicians or equivalent.

    To claim payment, contractors should complete Annex A at the rear of the circular and return to Anne Watson at NHS (address details are on the form).

  • Remuneration and the Financial Package for 2016/17

    We have had some feedback and requests from you for a breakdown of the details of how we are paid. We have added some information here – it’s likely to include some information most of you will know already, but we added it for those who are new to the financial detail.

    Have a look and see if it gives you the information you are looking for and get in touch and let us know what you think.


  • CPS Responds to the Consultation on the Amendment to the Human Medicines Regulations

    The UK Government has announced it will further engage with CPS and other stakeholders before making changes to Human Medicines legislation on ‘spoke and hub' dispensing.

    CPS have published a response to the consultation on the amendment to the Human Medicine Regulations 2012


  • ePharmacy Message Store Software Upgrade

    Practitioner Services have advised that the ePharmacy Message Store (ePMS) will be upgraded on the evening of Friday 10th June to add functionality for the Universal Claim Framework (UCF) pharmacy service, there are no changes to MAS, AMS or CMS functionality.

    The upgrade will take place from 6:15pm on Friday 10th June 2016 for a period of approx.4¾ hours and during this period ePMS will be unavailable.

  • Pharmacy 2 U Leaflets

    Some Community Pharmacies have had patients advise them they have received a leaflet advertising Pharmacy 2 U.

    These leaflets were included in several magazines as part of a Pharmacy 2 U marketing initiative. Unfortunately they did not have any control over the distribution of the magazines, and some of them have been sold in Scotland. Pharmacy 2 U do not make direct mailings to Scotland as their service uses EPSr2 and cannot be offered here. They have apologised for any inconvenience caused.

    If you need further advice or support, please get in touch.

  • CMS Ready Reckoner 20/6/2016

    CMS Ready Reckoner (20/6/2016) is now available to download.

    If you have any questions about the Ready Reckoner please email Emma Taylor.

  • MAS Press Release

    Scotland’s community pharmacy network is set to play a bigger role in tackling the workload crisis faced by GP colleagues.

    Read more

  • Upcoming Consultations

    The following consultations are currently live. We will be responding on behalf of contractors, and copies of these responses will be available on our website. Any member who would like to make a personal response can do so using the links below:

    If you need any further detail, please get in touch with us.

  • GPhC launch consultation on new standards for pharmacy professionals

    The GPhC is asking members of the public and pharmacy professionals to give their views on proposed new standards  for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in Great Britain. The CPS Board will be considering the consultation and formulating a response on behalf of members in due course.

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