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  • CMS Ready Reckoner

    CMS Ready Reckoner (26/6/2017) is now available to download.

    If you have any questions about the Ready Reckoner please email Emma Taylor.

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  • Vaccine Supply Update

    GSK is experiencing a reduced manufacturing capacity for hepatitis A and B antigens, which is impacting our ability to supply Adult PFS presentations …

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  • Smoking Cessation Products – National Tender

    The NHS has recently completed a Scotland-wide tendering exercise for certain smoking cessation products. The process ended with various Nicotinell pr…

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  • Drug Tariff Amendments

    Circular PCA(P)(2017)5 outlines the changes to the Drug Tariff as part of the 17/18 settlement. We have released a statement which provides more infor…

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  • Drug Tariff Part 7 adjusted Prices for May Dispensing

    We have received late notification that the price for Olanzapine Tablets in Part 7 of the drug tariff have been adjusted for May dispensing.  The pric…

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  • Drug Tariff Line changes for 1st June

    Contractors should note the list of Drug Tariff changes which take effect from 1st June. All members should ensure that May prescriptions including th…

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  • Operational Logbook June 2017

    The Operational Logbook for June 2017 is now available to download.

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  • Difficulty Obtaining Entresto

    We have had reports of some Community Pharmacies having difficulty obtaining Entresto.
    Novartis can make urgent supplies directly to contractors w…

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  • PHS Posters

    The first topic for 17/18 will be the Minor Ailment Service. Tactical Media will visit all Community Pharmacies from May 8th to remove the previous po…

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  • Items Not Collected or Not Dispensed

    We have previously sent out communications on the discrepancies between the electronically claimed information and that endorsed on paper.  Practition…

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